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Take your poker playing to the next level!  Whether this be cashing in a tournament or taking on the sharks in a cash game.


JDub Poker will put you in touch with coaches for individuals or small groups who wish to take their skills further and have a personal coach or coaches increase their playing levels. 


Book a free introduction call with a coach and then you take it from there directly with the coach.


Dr Janet Wyvill will coach beginner and advanced beginner levels for players interested in getting assistance with how to imporve their game.  More advanced students will move onto advanced coaches such and Tom Bower, Brendon Rubie, Corey Van Jaarsveldt and Mike Maddocks.


Players choose the topics they wish to be coached on and we will find you the coach to match.

Coaches can be arranged to attend tournaments or cash games with you and coach from the rail throughout the game.


Caoching starts at $600 for 4 x 1 hour sessions.  

Individual Coaching

Coaching sessions