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Dr Janet Wyvill

Founder, Teacher & Coach

Janet is a trained and registered teacher with 30+ years of teaching experience. Janet has been playing poker for over 20 years with great success in both local and international tournaments and regularly plays cash games. 

Teaching people who have never played before the “Learn to Play” classes is a passion for Janet, and you will discover the easy and exciting way to learn poker.  Janet also coaches the "Advanced beginner" who has a good understanding but wants to move out of the home game or 'pub poker' and learn more about the game.  She is a patient and fun teacher who will give you the confidence to play in any game.

Mike Maddocks

Maddocks Mindset

Certified NLP and Intuitive Coach

Performance and Mindset Coach

$500,000+ Winnings 2021/2022

Tournament of Champions Winner 2024

Every day, the actions we perform condition our mind and body to perform in a particular way. Actions become habits and habits become our day-to-day reality.


BUT the brain is a muscle and can be reprogrammed. You just need the right strategy, FOR YOU.

Together, we'll realign and recenter, assess and future plan, remove blocks and barriers, and teach you how to tap in to the Limitless Version of Yourself anytime, anywhere.


Mike Maddocks is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Intuitive Coach. He works with clients to help them discover their passions, reconnect with their core, conquer their goals, and step into their true self.

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Corey Van Jaarsveldt
Founder of Implied Odds Poker,
mmentator at LCAPoker

Corey Van J from Implied Odds Poker aims to create a personalised coaching plan catered to each individual, focussing on building strong theoretical knowledge and strategies. Hear is what Corey says........

Welcome to Implied Odds Poker!

If you're looking to take your poker skills to the next level, you've come to the right place.

My name is Corey Van J, and I'll be the guide for your poker journey. Together we'll build a personalized plan to help you improve your poker game, exploring theoretical concepts, incorporating live exploits, patching your own leaks and attacking your opponents.

Poker is a complex game, and there's a lot of outdated or inaccurate information out there making it very easy to pick up bad habits, sometimes through no real fault of your own. My job is to help keep you on the right path and not only point out these pitfalls but arm you with the tools to sniff them out yourself.

Coaching with Implied Odds Poker is effective and affordable and with a free introductory session, it's a SNAP CALL.

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