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Dr Janet Wyvill

Founder, Teacher & Coach

Janet is a trained and registered teacher with 30+ years of teaching experience. Janet has been playing poker for over 20 years with great success in both local and international tournaments and regularly plays cash games. 

Teaching people who have never played before the “Learn to Play” classes is a passion for Janet, and you will discover the easy and exciting way to learn poker.  She is a patient and fun teacher who will give you the confidence to play in any game.

Brendon Rubie

Bootcamp Coach 19&20 April

WSOP Circuit Ring Champion

Aussie Millions Event Winner 


Life Coach - Mental Game Coach - Poker Coach - Poker Player Coaching - Counselling  

If you're a poker player you dream of winning the world series of poker, a major tournament or simply the tournament that you're planning to play on the day. To get there though, you have to have lots of mini goals to progress through hands/stages of the tournament. Brendon's poker training will show you how.

Brendon will be able to coach you to discover what's your big goal? What's your purpose? What will you need to do to get yourself moving towards that goal?

Brendon has vast experience as a coach and as a major tournament winner.  His coaching will give you the edge you have been looking for.


Tom Bower

Bootcamp Coach 19&20 April

Founder of LCAPoker

In 2016 Tom launched Lights Camera Action Poker. LCAPoker is Australia's first poker training, education and film studio. With over a decade of poker industry experience, Tom can teach anyone not just how to play but how to play better poker.


Prior to LCAPoker, Tom was one of the first operators/tournament directors to run league poker in Queensland. This experience led to Tom working for the largest poker company in the world, PokerStars. He began working for PokerStars as a Poker Specialist. Tom became the Australian Training Co-ordinator for PokerStars in 2009 and has trained hundreds of people in the intricacies of the game.


Currently LCAPoker is the live stream partner for Australia’s finest poker room, The Poker Palace and Tom has been the consultant and film partner for The Australian Poker Tour and The World Poker Tour League. He has filmed and broadcast 100’s of hours of poker ranging from small private tournaments through to many of Australia’s major poker events.


Through LCAPoker training classes, Tom has personally coached and guided players into hundreds of thousands of dollars in winnings.  He is currently studying a Masters Degree in Communication, Behaviour and Credibility. This study includes psychology, forensic linguistics, behaviour analysis and criminology.

Lindsay Bridger

Bootcamp Coach 19&20 April

Lindsay has been running her own businesses in empowering people and organisations for over 11 years. Her focus has been to help individuals, teams and organisations to understand the principles of psychology, neuroscience and wellbeing and how to translate these principles into training initiatives designed to help people achieve what matters most to them.


Her career started in hospitality and then on graduating into Organisational and Environmental Psychology. Here her focus was on supporting organisations to create organisational cultures and initiatives that supported the wellbeing of their employees, supporting them to perform and thrive in a balanced way, while achieving high performance results.


From there Lindsay took her psychology background and applied it into Business to Business Sales where she worked as a Business Development Manager and then was asked to take on the role of training the National Sales Team due to her outstanding sales record. It was at this point in Lindsay’s career where she fell in love with training as a vehicle to achieve her purpose of enabling others through mindsets, skillsets and toolsets. She branched out and started Bridging Performance a training consulting company designed to bridge the gap in capability and performance in areas of trust, leadership, productivity, presentation presence and personal effectiveness.


Her second training consulting company In8 Resilience developed out of a realisation Lindsay had at how many people over the last 2 years have been struggling to be resilient in an ever changing and tough environment.  Lindsay noticed that people were needing to develop their resilience in order to feel empowered to deal with what life was challenging them with. It is now her life purpose to make a more resilient world through practical strategies that anyone can leverage.

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Corey Van J
Founder of Implied Odds Poker, Commentator at LCAPoker


Corey Van J from Implied Odds Poker aims to create a personalised coaching plan catered to each individual, focussing on building strong theoretical knowledge and strategies as well as developping the ability to consistently adjust these strategies to exploit our opposition to the maximum. Corey breaks down complex concepts into easy to digest ideas that are simple and efficient to add into your own game, giving you an edge over your current competition and the tools to hold your own against, and overcome the tougher players as you move up the stakes.


You can listen to Corey on the LCAPoker broadcasts, or get in touch with him for one-on-one coaching at Implied Odds Poker on Facebook.

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