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About JDub Poker

We offer classes and coaching for all level of players.



JDub Poker is the answer to those who want live face to face learning and coaching. We offer small class sizes for individual attention, taught by trained teachers and experienced live tournament and cash game poker players.

Learn to Play

Calling all poker rookies and curious minds! Join our exclusive face-to-face poker lessons with small class sizes. Learn the ropes, master the hands, and embrace the excitement in an intimate setting.

No experience needed!

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to level up your game! BOOK now! 🃏🎲 

"Learn to play" classes for beginners of all ages. Friendly group lessons where you can learn all the basic skills in Poker. Start at the very beginning and learn the lingo and what the game is all about.


Get a group of friends together for a private class or join one of the monthly classes and make new friends. 


Private group lesson (max 7 players) available upon request.


By the end of the class you will know and understand the following:

  • What does the lingo mean and an explanation of the terms commonly used in poker

  • Introduction to the structure of the game

  • What are the hand rankings? Which are the best hands?

  • What are the Blinds?

  • What is a good hand to play and when

  • What does ‘range’ mean

  • What sort of hand do I have and how do I play it.

  • What position am I in

  • Introduction to what to do when I first get cards.

    • Raise

    • Call

    • Fold

  • Poker etiquette 

Each class will receive handouts and “cheat sheets” for all players.

Poker Chips

Advanced Beginner Class

This is designed as a series of 3 x Two-hour Class to build and expand your beginner skill.

Book each class separately or book the whole series.

Special Package deal

Book the whole Advanced Beginner Series at the same time and your coach willgo to a BPU Game at THE FERNS, Newstead with you.

Advanced Beginners can join one or more of a series of 3 x 2 hour live classes with the option to play in live tournament with your teacher there to assist. Game buy in is $70 with complimentary coaching during the game.


Over 3 separate classes you can take your confidence to a level where we will attend a live tournament game (with your teacher to assist) so that you experience the fun and excitement of playing poker in a tournament.

This series of classes will include the following topics:


  • Reinforcement of what was learnt in the ‘Learn to Play’ Class

  • Advanced basics of the game – moving from ‘what do I have’ to ‘what might they have’

  • What is a 3-Bet and when do I use it

  • Should I play if someone raised before me

  • What to do after the flop comes out. 

  • What size bet to I play after the flop

  • Best way to use my position

  • Playing a raised pot

    • As the Preflop Raiser

    • As the Preflop Caller

  • 3-Bet Pots 

    • as the Preflop Raiser

    • as the Preflop Caller


Grow from a beginner to a Master of NL Texas Hold'em with our Masterclasses

Once you are confident with the advanced beginner level you can take on a Masterclass for a specific skill you wish to develop.  These Masterclasses will be 5 hours with one or two focus topics. 


The masterclass will be followed by a friendly game with the coaches giving feedback on the skills developed that day.

Masterclasses will be in groups of 16 or less and will have one or two focus topics for each class.  Some Masterclasses will be followed by a friendly game where the coach or coaches will give feedback on the skills developed in the masterclass.


Coaching is for individuals or small groups who wish to take their skills further and have a personal coach or coaches increase their playing levels.  Players choose the topics they wish to be coached on and we will find you the coach to match.

Coaches can be arranged to attend tournaments or cash games with you and coach from the rail throughout the game.

Individual or Group Live Coaching

Take your poker playing to the next level!  Whether this be cashing in a tournament or taking on the sharks in a cash game.

JDub Poker coaches are for individuals or small groups who wish to take their skills further and have a personal coach or coaches increase their playing levels.  Players choose the topics they wish to be coached on and we will find you the coach to match.

Coaches can be booked to attend tournaments with you and coach from the rail throughout the game.


What is Covered:


  • Playing the Blind

  • 3-Bet Pots

    • Out of Position

    • In Position (Cutoff vs Button)

    • Preflop Caller IP

    • OOP Caller (Cutoff vs Button)

  • Multiway Pots

  • 4-Bet Pots

  • Overbets

  • Advanced Preflop Strategy

  • Post Flop Sizing

  • Paired Flops

  • C-Betting

  • Raising on the River

  • Heads Up

  • Deep Stack Strategy & Short Stack Strategy

  • Any other topic you want or need!!

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One and Two Day Boot Camps

Bootcamps run twice per year.

Get a head start on the upcoming big tournaments

Do you want to hone your skills before the big tournaments like WSOP, APLPT, APT and WPT. 


Bootcamps are held on demand in Brisbane, Sydney, Goldcoast and Townsville, where we will hold 1 or 2 days of poker coaching and training for players who want that edge leading up to the big events such as WSOP Circuit, WPT Prime, APLPT and APT.

Coaches will discuss stages of the tournaments, body language, mindset and how strategy and play varies throughout each stage.  Look at grinding the short stack and how to build the stamina to ‘grind it out’.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions of coaches who have been through it all and who have made it to those elusive final tables. Coaches may include teacher and founder of JDub Poker Janet Wyvill and Maddocks Mindset founder and director, trained NLP coach Mike Maddocks and/or Corey Van J from Implied Odds. Coaches are dependant on their availability.

Book early for these bootcamps and with very limited places they will fill up quickly.

Participants will also have the opportunity to play a game and receive coaching feedback at a follow up session.

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