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Stepping up the game...

Poker is a game of skill and strategy. It's not just luck or one thing, it's all of those things at once. You have to play your cards right, think ahead, and make good decisions on the fly—and then there's luck!

You can only win if you're able to draw the right combination of cards in front of you at any given moment in time. And when that happens? Well...that's when things start getting interesting: emotional highs (win) and lows (loss). The best players know how to ride those waves while staying true to themselves as well as their game plan: if they don't feel like playing then they shouldn't play—and sometimes even if they do want another round they'll take an extra few minutes off instead because they want some rest before starting up again tomorrow morning with fresh energy levels intact from sleeping well last night versus being exhausted from fighting through tough situations during gameplay sessions throughout yesterday afternoon into early evening hours yesterday evening; all while dealing with distractions such as family members coming over unexpectedly hoping for snacks so everyone gets along better than usual since everyone knows each other well enough already; everything else going on around us seems insignificant when compared against what matters most - winning big today!

How could we possibly achieve big winnings? Let me tell you something about our last Bootcamp…..

After a very successful Bootcamp last week with Mike Maddocks and Brendon Rubie we are heading into the WSOP circuit on the Gold Coast.

The boot camp was an advanced group with every participant being a trophy holder for major events such as WPT Deep stacks, Star Summer Series, APT High rollers and even a Vegas trophy! The level of skill was amazing and the discussions for hands were extensive. This as well as some amazing mindset visualizations have set everyone up for a great WSOP Circuit series.

If you did not get to attend the Bootcamp game on a Saturday night, then you missed out on an excellent experience. The Bootcamp game was a highlight for many with hands being dissected for the first hour. Previous Bootcamp graduates were invited to the game and it was great to see them apply the skills they learnt in Bootcamp which has now had the option to put them into practice and hone their skill set.

These participants were amazing at poker before they came to boot camp.

The Bootcamp is an amazing opportunity to play poker with some of the best players in the world who have all had great success at the highest levels.

Register your interest for the next Bootcamp - Melbourne 11/12 March 2023.

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